Sander Van Doorn Raising The Bar

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Sander Van Doorn Raising The Bar
By: Andrew Lazar

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Well, I have been a DJ & Producer professionally for a little over ten years. We are back here in Miami. This is my seventh time participating in Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week.

What are some of your major musical influences?


That is a really hard question because there are so many. Most of it is not even dance music related. Some people I draw my inspiration from are The Cure and Radiohead. From a dance music perspective, I have drawn inspiration from Prodigy, Moby, and more of those kinds of bands along the way. These days I draw my inspiration from pretty much everywhere. There are just so many talented artists now that I can’t really say one has inspired me more than the other.

Your debut album came out in 2008 just as dance music was gaining momentum here in the United States. How do you feel the scene has changed since then?

It has changed quite a bit, actually. The scene has gone mainstream. There are some really talented producers from this new generation popping up everywhere making some really great music, which has really had a big contribution to making the scene what it is now. It is looking very healthy and I think this is just the beginning.

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