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San Holo

When you think of the movement of melodic bass and easy listening, you automatically think of San Holo. He is one of the main producers in the melodic bass scene and as a virtuoso, his music is something to check out if you haven’t already. From bridging EDM to Indie to being a multi-dimensional producer, San Holo’s new album Album1 is a masterpiece that everyone needs to hear.

Learn more about San Holo and his brand Bitbird inside our exclusive interview with him in Issue 37 of EDM World Magazine here.

San Holo’s New Album Album1 and Tracks to Check Out

San Holo has been the most talked about for the past few years. From his label Bitbird, he has released five EP’s and numerous singles. What an accomplishment! With his new album, Album1, he takes you on a musical journey with a sound that is chill and easy to listen to. He reinvented his sound and had this to say about it, “Showcases my love for all kinds of music, from EDM to post-rock to classical to ambient.”

Album1 San Holo

Album1 is a perfect reflection on what type of artist San Holo is. He is pushing boundaries from indie to EDM. It’s a beautiful realization listening to this album and seeing his progression. The album is completely different from his previous singles.


Some of my favorite songs from the album are “Lift me from the ground, “Worthy,” and “Brighter Days.” Each of the songs brings you on a journey of upliftment and self-worth. I enjoyed seeing SH perform his new songs at Electric Forrest and Electric Zoo. It’s making me look forward to seeing him when he comes to NY.

To check out the new album, Album1, click here and tell us what you think!

To learn more about San Holo and Bitbird, click here.

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