Ron Reeser Talks Shows, New Music & What Lies Ahead

Ron Reeser

Ron Reeser Talks Shows, New Music & What Lies Ahead
By Andrew Lazar

You’ve been producing for quite sometime and have had previous releases on notable labels such as Ultra Music, Columbia Records, Vicious Records and Atlantic to name a few. What is your process when writing music?

I usually like to start with a chord progression or melody idea, then build around that.

How long does a song usually take and how do you know when it’s finished?


Songs for me vary in time frame. A track could take me anywhere from 2 weeks or sometimes 3 months. It depends on how intricate the songs are and how much production is involved. Knowing when a song is completed is different for everyone. For me, it’s usually by instinct.

How do you get other artists to check out your music? Do you have any positive or negative stories?

I have a database of A/B list Producers and DJ’s that are in the industry that I personally send music to. Not really any positive or negative stories, more constructive feedback if anything.

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