Rodlund & Hewie Keep It Loud


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Rodlund & Hewie Keep It Loud
By: Denice Dal Braccio

How did the two of you meet?

Matt Hewie had a collaboration with a mutual acquaintance, which resulted in some gigs at a local club in the city where Andreas Rodlund lives. After that, things just ended with some studio sessions.

Can you describe the moment when you knew you’d be a good fit to become a duo?


It started with our first track called, “Bird,” which was a collaboration together. Afterwards, we felt that we wanted to make the same kind of music. It was our third track together, “The Moose,” that made us decide to work together full-time. When the vocal version of ”Without You,” was made, we officially became a duo.

Tell us about your track “Without You.” How did the creative process work with Jakke Erixson? Did you create the track and then add the vocals?

Like most EDM tracks, it was first made as an instrumental called “The Moose.” When we realized the popularity of the track, we decided to go with a vocal version. We contacted Erixson to ask if he was interested in a collab and being the magician that he is, he returned this fantastic topline within an hour! We were just blown away so we instantly started to re-arrange and make some additional production and ended up with ”Without You (The Moose)!”

What software do you use to produce music?

We love the workflow and the possibilities to combine music production and DJ skills in Ableton Live.

What is your favorite plugin?

Matt: I’d say that Andreas’ favorite plugin is Sylenth VST and the Sausage Fattener by Dada Life. It’s kind of everywhere if you let him loose in the studio… I like them too, but I also love to use the precious FET compressor and of course, Nexus.

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