Break Your Neck to Riot Ten Hype or Die: Genesis EP

Riot Ten

Isn’t Friday a great day to headbang? It is if you’re part of the Riot Ten Fam. Today, he released his EP titled Hype or Die: Genesis. The highly anticipated EP has been something we have all been waiting on. It’s officially lit, y’all.

Riot Ten is one of the hardest dubstep producers in the game and we are all at his mercy. If you haven’t heard the EP or seen his recent performances, what are you doing?

EP Review: Riot Ten: Hype or Die Genesis EP

When Spotify released the EP today, I wasn’t surprised. Riot Ten goes HARD. And if you didn’t know that, you will ABSOLUTELY learn today. Released through Dim Mak, it is a 10/10. The six-track EP shows us no mercy with how hard Riot Ten has worked.

The beginning of the EP starts off strong with “Til We Die” with Lit Lords feat Milano The Don. The high caliber song was a great way to kick off the EP. It is one of my personal favorites.


The second track “Blitz” comes in with a collaboration with Virtual Syndicate. The collaboration is heavy but also one of the lighter tracks. The single makes you want to bounce and headbang.

Next on the EP is “No Surrender” feat Jeff Kush. Signal those sirens cause this track goes hard as well. The rail is at NO MERCY.

“Act A Fool” reminds me of “Rail Breaker” and makes me want to hear a mashup “Rail Breaker”/”Act A Fool” mashup.

“Dem Hands Doe” is a collaboration with Riot Ten and Krimer. The single starts off with a synthy introduction and takes a completely 180. The drop completely catches you off guard.

The last song of the EP is “Mash Up The Place” with legend Messinian, which ignites the fire of the EP.

What’s your favorite song off of the Genesis EP?

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