Freeway Rick Ross Explains What Hip-Hop Must Learn From EDM


An Interview With Freeway Rick Ross: What Hip-Hop Must Learn From EDM
By: Amina Otto

What qualities of the EDM scene are you most drawn to that are omitted in the hip-hop scene?

I think that with EDM, it’s more so the feeling behind the music and how the crowd interacts with it by way of entertainment and enjoyment of the songs. EDM music gets your blood flowing, your energy up, makes it easier to let loose and enjoy yourself. In comparison to hip-hop, this type of scene is more of a representation of culture and status. The trends are clearly there. From fashion, to the need of showing one’s status by what they wear, drive and how many women they can attract. It’s a competitive scene. In the EDM scene, I don’t see people really worried too much about popping bottles. There can be a group of men and women drinking on their own beers and alcohol and no one will give them a second look. I feel that the hip-hop scene on the other hand, is just a misconstrued perception of fame, fortune and riches.

Do you think that followers of hip-hop and rap will eventually come to subscribe some of the ideas promoted by EDM such as PLUR?


As long as we continue to have rappers and entertainers who continuously portray and glorify the deception of fame, power and riches, then sadly I would have to say no.

What will it take for the merging of EDM and hip-hop to have the desired positive effect on the current hip-hop scene?

Those in the forefront, meaning hip-hop mainstreams, would have to change and be honest and up front. It’s one thing to merge the two genres together. That’s not what will cause a positive effect on the hip-hop scene. Instead, it’s the artists and entertainers. They are the only ones that can create that change. They are the influence. They are the issues just as well as they could very well be the solutions.

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