Rezz’s Flying Octopus Is Everything!

Rezz Flying Octopus

Rezz. She’s one of the most influential DJs in the game right now. From Mass Manipulation to her large following of Rezz, we love you, Space Mom. She came out with her highly anticipated single titled “Flying Octopus,” which was released last night. Rezz’s video is one to put on your watch list.

Rezz’s Flying Octopus Official Video

What I like about her newly released single is that it’s a little slower. Some of Rezz’s songs are a lot faster at pace and in your face. This song reminds me of a lullaby. It’s a melody that can get stuck in my head. I just started listening to Rezz after one of my best friends got front row at her EDC Las Vegas set this year. Another thing that my best friend, Keana Perez, spoke about was that her themes are changing. For example, Mass Manipulation was based on how our minds are easily influenced. This time around, Rezz is coming out with songs that remind you of the circus. It’s amazing, right?

Watching the video last night, it was cleverly thought out. Sometimes, people make videos that have an indirect meaning to the song. But, this one was the actual title of the song.The video is an animation that tells a story of an octopus wanting to fly with the help of his friends underwater. The cute animation goes with the tempo of the song. The animation reminds me of Fosters Home Of For Imaginary Friends. It’s what made the song for me. “Flying Octopus” will be on Rezz’s new album Certain Kind Of Magic, which will be out on August 3rd!

Rezz Flying Octopus

If you want to pre-order/pre-save ‘Certain Kind Of Magic,’ click here. To learn more about Rezz and where to catch her on her tour, click here.


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