The NGHTMRE Before Xmas Tour: Bad Dream or Sweet Nightmare?


The NGHTMRE Before Xmas Tour kicked off, as the name of the tour suggests, right before Christmas. November 10th was the tour’s first date. This review took place at the Baltimore show on December 21, 2017. Attending a show this good can be described as one of the best Christmas gifts a trap lover could buy. As a matter of fact, if you follow EDM World Mag on Instagram you may have caught my obsessive desire to live stream every moment of the Baltimore show. See, the writers will intermittently high-jack EDM World Magazine’s IG page.  T’was the night of December 21st when all through IG, not a post was a stirring… until you were awakened by a NGHTMRE Before Xmas.

NGHTMRE Before Xmas Review

Ram’s Head Live Baltimore hosted the December 21st show. The venue isn’t fancy on the eye, but it is spacious and offers everything a music head needs in order to have a great time. They have a large dance floor, a second-level balcony open to everyone, and several bars serving alcohol. For the EDM shows, they separate the stage with a railing which is especially important to NGHTMRE fans. Breaking the rail is a must.

The show opened with local acts The Banditz and Billy Billian. The show continued with Justin Caruso and special guest Valentino Khan. Then the show was murdered by NGHTMRE! His energy overshadowed the fact that the power went out three times during the show. During those quiet times, you would think the crowd would be lost to disappointment, but NGHTMRE made sure to come back harder each and every time. The loss of power, however, makes you question whether it was the artist’s equipment or the venue’s need for an upgrade?

This leads us to the visuals. There are several videos out on the web, and the Baltimore show does not compare. The lackluster display of the visuals and the lights were a little disappointing. Comparing the other cities’ graphics leads one to believe the venue was not able to handle the equipment. They at least had the confetti. Beyond the power outage, and the basic visuals, the music was off the chain. NGHTMRE came with his hard stuff and his more popular and noteworthy, like his new release, “Embrace,” and major hit, “Gud Vibrations.”


Although Christmas has long passed, NGHTMRE has more Christmas spirit to spread across the country. His next show as advertised on his website will be at Igloo Fest on January 25 in Ontario and the following day at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC. Are you interested in having bad dreams? Visit NGHTMRE’s webpage here to find a date and city near you and to purchase tickets to the show.

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