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Izotope RX 4 Advanced
By: Hybrid Heights

Izotope RX 4 Advanced is an extremely useful tool not just for dialogue, but for Producers, Engineers, and DJs that need to clean up audio for music. I have come to different scenarios where I cannot use a loop, song, or acapella because it has too much background noise or reverb, or it is clipping. The tools that RX 4 Advanced comes with can solve these problems. The versatility and magical results are something that really captures the imagination of what you can now do with audio.

My first experiment was with RX4 Declicker/Decrackler. I used a song that was recorded from vinyl and wanted to clean up some of the clicks, crackles, and pops that it had. As soon as I loaded up the Declicker and Decrackler, I could hear the difference in quality. The clicks were not even noticeable. For DJs that transfer old records and want to convert them to digital audio, this is a life saver. You will hear the tunes are much cleaner.


The next experiment was with Dereverb. This one helps remedy audio files that may have unnecessary reverb. I loaded a loop that had some room reverb and this plugin really helped make the loop sound more “dry”. For audio files that may have more reverb, The setting will have to be tweaked to make sure the quality of the audio isn’t compromised. They can be broken up into frequency bands and boost, or cut accordingly.

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