Park ‘n Rave Shift Gears for Relentless Beats & Insomniac

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Relentless Beats and Insomniac announced the debut of a new drive-in “park ‘n rave” series. The first installment takes over Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park this weekend in Arizona June 26 & 27. There will be two shows featuring Seven Lions. Additional sets from some very special guests are still to be announced.

As social distancing places us in a new situation, promoters are becoming creative to bring the show to us. From live streaming now to park n raves which operate very similarly to drive-in movies of the past. This very live tailgate is a new trend of its own.

Park ‘n Rave Rules

Of course, we are all concerned by the spread of the very contagious virus Covid-19, thus the concept of a rave drive-in tailgate. Relentless Beats and Insomniac offer safe accommodations to limit contact and maintain social distancing. Here’s how this party will go down.

Arrive hella early. This is not your average show and if people walking into a theater late is obnoxious imagine vehicle rolling through. Also, no honking during the show, and the vehicle must be turned off. When you finally arrive your entire party has to be present in your vehicle, meaning no Uber drop-offs this a tailgate duh.


The Park ‘n Rave is tailgate-style.  As long as you remain within your allotted area during the show you may exit your vehicle. You can go to the restroom, of course, the event planners are not sadists.

Your party pass includes 5 people per vehicle, but if you have an SUV or minivan you can purchase up to 3 more individual tix on arrival, for a total of 8 per parking space. Sorry, no buses, RVs, campers, or limos and your tickets max out at the number of seats in your vehicle. So no clown car action.

Again this is a tailgate, bring your own water, drinks, and food. As the title suggests, this Park ‘n Rave is still a rave thus you should still feel like you can dress as such. If you need cool tumblers, face mask, hooded blankets, or a fire pair of tights for the ladies or tanks for the men, check out the EDM World Shop HERE for some cool looks and get back into the rave spirit.

Friendly Reminders

Do not leave your vehicle behind, it will be towed. So be sure to designate an official DD (designated driver) as driving drunk is not only illegal it’s stupid, dangerous, and inconsiderate to other drivers. Plus the police will be present.

If you are sick, have a fever, have traveled in the last 14 days, or have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home. This should be common sense, but just in case you were unsure. Only attend the event with people in your immediate quarantine community. These are people you have primarily been around. It’s not advisable to enact PLUR and pick up online buddies to rage with.

Tickets are now on sale click HERE! Do it soon it’s almost time for the weekend.

Still curious as to how this will go down? Watch the video below and leave a comment telling us what you think.

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