Record-breaking Numbers Take Over Tinker Field for Upcoming EDC Orlando

EDC Orlando

photo courtesy of Insomniac

What do you think when you hear the words Electronic Daisy Carnival? Las Vegas is usually top of mind. That was the only festival I knew about as well when I first started listening to EDM.  I was so excited when I finally discovered EDC Orlando also existed.

Tinker Field will be swarmed by thousands of headliners starting November 10th. Last year’s festival attracted 75,000 headliners. A record-breaking attendance for EDCO’s two days of heart-pounding excitement. With the expectation of drawing more headliners to EDC Orlando, the footprint has been expanded.

Full-size carnival rides, interactive art, costumed performers, and local food will offer an experience true to EDC style. What makes it more unique is Orlando’s tropical setting compared to the desert heat. Artist will play sets 0n three iconic stages. The elaborate Gaia design of kineticFIELD from Las Vegas has already been talked about by many. The Gaia stage appearance in Orlando will shine brightly in the orange state for the very first time!


EDC Orlando

photo courtesy of Insomniac 

Are you convinced EDC Orlando is where you need to be? Let me know in the comments below! 


Check out Insomniac’s EDCO trailer and once you’re done, hop onto their website to purchase your experience of a lifetime!

Download the official EDCO app here: Google Play ||  iTunes

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