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Razer For Music Production, Gaming & More

As a progressive trance producer, my sound is identical with grungy, driving, and energetic bass lines along with big synthy riffs and melancholic piano chords that create a blissful and euphoric atmosphere. I always envision a sunset and beachy atmosphere which inspires me to produce music that captures the hearts of people around the world. Working with Razer products is an effective and fun way for me to produce beats.

At first, I was attracted to Razer’s products because of their cool futuristic concepts and eye catching lights. I soon found out that producing music with the support of good hardware results in a warm delicious sound for my tracks. I am hooked on Razer products for not just producing but also my gaming needs. Currently, I am using Razer’s keyboard, mouse, and the 17 inch laptop.

The Razer keyboard is an amazing tool and specific for my needs. I use their DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard for gaming which provides me with shortcut buttons. These buttons are extremely useful especially when I am in the middle of a very attention consuming game. The difference between my Razer keyboard from others is the concept and the placement of the buttons. For example, the benefits of using my Razer keyboard over a standard laptop keyboard are tremendous because the design makes it ergonomic to use which translate to an awesome and unforgettable experience for me every time.


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