Protohype Explains What the Future Holds



Protohype: What The Future Holds
By: Andrew Lazar

Did where you grew up have any influence on your decision to make music as a career?

Yeah I think so. Nashville is one of the music hub’s of the United States. I’ve always had music in my blood since my brother grew up playing the saxaphone. Our family has been a music family for a very long time.

Can you tell us why you teamed up with Nightbrnd and what it means for your fans?


Nightbrnd is the clothing company owned by my booking agency Circle Talent. I was one of the first people to represent the brand so they used me for promotion for it. It just made sense when I was on the road to bring the brand with me.

What are some of the projects you are working on that you’re excited about?

I’ve been working on my EP/album. It started at four tracks, now I’m at 12. Some collaborations I’m excited about are with Paper Diamond and Bassnectar. I really look forward to these coming out because they’re all people I’ve looked up to.

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