PLUR Story: How The Community of Somewhere Loud Saved Josh’s Life

PLUR Story

Hi, my name is Josh Lovins and I am a disabled veteran and a single father of two wonderful children. My daughter is now a tween and my son was born severely disabled. I was medically separated from the military after ten years of good conduct with an honorable discharge. I became very depressed; things were spiraling out of control in my life. I wound up divorcing my wife for her unfaithfulness and she took the kids.

I was at my lowest, until a friend told me to start raving. He found a place called Somewhere Loud in San Diego. I was like, “ok whatever,” so we went. When we got there, a woman named Amber welcomed us with open arms. We hit it off, as if we had been friends for years. When we got inside, I heard some of the deepest house music my soul has ever felt and it just swept me away. The DJ’s name was Pornscore and his set totally blew my mind; I could not stop dancing!

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