Peering into the Further Future


Peering into the Further Future

By Ashley Isnor

When I applied for press at the exalted festival that is Further Future, I was not even half expecting to hear a positive response. Never before had I covered an event at such a massive scale. In FF002, I was granted an incredibly life changing experience; one that I am sure to revisit in the years to come. In the heart of the Moapa River Indian Reservation, one of the most beautiful venues I have seen to date, my love and I reveled joyously in our souls. If Further Future is any inkling of what is to come for this planet, which I have hope that it is, the inhabitants of this beautiful Earth have a splendidly bright future to look forward to.

Since I hadn’t been planning for the festival, when I heard shortly before that I was to cover it, I knew I was stuck having to drive up Saturday morning and right back Sunday night. I know I missed an amazing time on Friday, but instead of regretting the circumstances, I became even more excited with the idea of returning to this wonderful gathering. The drive was truly trying, proving strenuous on both our minds and bodies. Though, not for a second do I doubt that it was worth every bit of effort that it drew from us.


Upon entrance, I was cordially greeted by team members, and even got to enjoy a free drink at the press mixer. My platform sandals and I floated blissfully on a cloud of utter awe at life and the amazing opportunities that have been given. I joyously admired the observation that much of the crowd was older, and clearly more mature than I have witnessed at other events. Each person I encountered emanated power, sparkled with individuality, and of course embodied refined and forward thinking style. Jam City played a smooth, far-out set, his relaxed demeanor made it feel as if he were playing around at his home studio instead of the main stage of a music festival. About two hours after entering the festival, the intermittent sprinklings of rain became more furious, and lightning flashes were striking uncomfortably close. We huddled under the tent of the Void Village enjoying the scrumptious sounds pumped out by H Foundation. Before long, though, security shouted for us to evacuate the venue and make our way back to our tents and RVs; there I had to sit in front of the tent’s door, donning a sexy orange poncho, in order to prevent the heavy rainfall from spilling into our tent.

After the rain had passed, we slowly collected ourselves and made our way back into the festival grounds. From there, we were transported into a fantastic, nocturnal realm that blurred the lines between imagination and reality. Joeski rocked the Void Village, mixing powerful basslines with snippets of inspirational messages throughout his whole set. It was here that I realized that the festival was actively goading its participants to elevate their consciousness, not only through the more obvious routes of informative talks, meditations, and yoga sessions, but equally as much through the music. In these moments of jubilation, I knew that within me dwells a power that is only limited by my perceptions of my capabilities. I learned not to harbor any fears of death, and I was reassured that love is the most powerful force in the universe. It goes without saying that Further Future was an enlightening experience.

Sunday provided much more hospitable weather conditions. That morning I woke with the sun and painstakingly completed a term paper. Kudos to all the Futurists like myself who had impending final examinations and term projects, but still were able to let go of those mundane activities and experience true bliss in the present moment. After submitting my paper and packing up our campsite, we sauntered into the venue to relish incredible Asian fusion cuisine and delightfully creative gelato indulgences. I will admit I was too chicken to try the Dorito flavored variety, despite being a fan of the nacho cheese flavored snack.

My favorite set of the weekend took place that afternoon. For three hours Jane Fitz threw down banger after banger from her extensive vinyl collection. She skillfully wove an intricate musical tapestry showcasing techno, house, ambient, acid house, and more. Never have I been a live audience member to a set that coalesced such a broad spectrum of music so seamlessly. Jane Fitz is without a doubt a legend of the house music game; it was both an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an intimate performance.

After Jane’s magnetic musical journey, we wandered around the grounds, drinking in the sights of the reservation and of the wonderful people around us. After the sun sank below the mountainous skyline, we commandeered a relaxation pod to snuggle in for the final set at the Robot Heart stage. Though the Void Village was a great party vibe, the Robot Heart spoke volumes to the soul. Sporting a sensational vibration, which I overheard time and again was comparable to Burning Man, the jaunty little bus with the heart of the automaton hoisted on top served as many futurists favorite stage. Here, while we awaited the Sunrise Afterparty I was able to thoughtfully reminisce about the weekend.

I have always been an emotional individual, with my music festival attendance being no exception to the wrath of the feels. Further Future is the current holder of my personal record for most weeps of happiness. Throughout the weekend, I found it incredibly hard contain my joy, to the point that it managed to spill from my eyes. The reverberations of love, awareness, confidence, and unity were plainly palpable in the air. The second rendition of Further Future served to reignite my passion and inspiration for life that had grown a bit stale amongst the daily grind of human life.

In the face of inclement weather, fully booked schedules, and school responsibilities my boyfriend and I were still able to have an amazingly life changing time at Further Future. I hungrily await next year’s celebration, as I am motivated to seek out new experiences as well to reflect on how far I have come in raising my consciousness. I realize there is much that I missed out on, like meeting Hanson’s Sophia the robot. I have no regrets, only incredibly high hopes for the years to come. Maybe next year I will treat myself to a decadent dinner from a world-renowned chef, or pay a visit to the Ablyss spa for a massage or festival makeover. There are endless arrays of activities to lose yourself in at this most avant-garde celebration. I have no doubts that Further Future has spurred a revolution in the music festival industry, by raising the bar in every way imaginable. The beautiful and moving Sunrise Afterparty, hosted by secret guest DJs served as our dear farewell to our new home in the future. The unknown identity of the DJ added a mysterious touch to the lovely, smooth sounds flowing from the speakers of the Robot Heart’s setup.

If you want to take part in an illuminative, mesmerizing music event, Further Future is the place. Join the family of forward thinkers, and allow for the subconscious play and merriment to surround you.


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