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An unsuspecting soul walking into Temple Nightclub in Denver, Colorado, would be immediately blown away by the architecture, lighting, and size of the place. They might not even notice the side room known as LVL unless they wandered to the side of the main room that opens up to it. Lucky for anyone who discovers its existence, because LVL provides the ultimate intimate experience with some of the biggest up-and-comers in dance music.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a night out partying with NuKid at LVL. Hailing from LA, NuKid is a rising g-house producer supported by greats like Malaa and Oliver Heldens. Some friends of mine had a table for the night, and I was ready to get down.

Upon entering LVL, I immediately got underground warehouse vibes. Funktion-One speakers pulsed heavy bass into the dim room. Sensual lights glimmered, painting vibrant stripes all along the ceiling, making me feel like I just got sucked into a light show tunnel. I buckled my seatbelt before the lasers hit.

It was only around 11pm, but a decently-sized crowd was already dancing at the stage. More guests hovered at the bar, denoted by a glow of purple-pink lights hitting liquor bottles on shelves. The bar was towards the back of the room, and just past the bar were the bathrooms, which made for a conveniently short trip. The space of LVL itself created an intimate setting that allowed for plenty of room to move about but also simulated close-enough quarters to make me feel like alcohol, the DJ, and the bathroom were all within arm’s reach.


Guests wanting an even more intimate experience could opt for bottle service, the tables for which were actually onstage, behind the DJ. Red accent lights hit the six or seven tables, and bottle service girls bustled around enthusiastically. Joining my friend’s table, I was pleased with the ease of movement in the area; there were plenty of guests, but I was able to mingle effortlessly. Moreover, the vibes at the bottle service tables were inviting yet respectful, considering we were so close to the artists and equipment.

I had an amazing time at LVL, but my problem with the addition of this room to Temple Nightclub lies in figuring out how to choose between the multiple artists performing each night. From now on, there will be an artist performing in both LVL and the main room at Temple. On the plus side, only one ticket needs to be purchased to gain entry to both rooms all night. Regardless, in no way will this personal dilemma deter me from enjoying further nights out at Temple. I can’t wait to be back!

Want to check out LVL at Temple Nightclub in Denver?  Find the LVL event calendar along with tickets here.  Swipe up to comment and let me know if you’ll be coming through!

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