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Hardwell Announces Retirement

Hardwell Announces Performance Retirement

What's Electronic Dance Music without Hardwell? Hardwell is an OG, there's no denying that. We were completely shocked to find out that Hardwell is retiring. You heard it here, Hardwell announces retirement from performing. But, why? Hardwell Announces Retirement But Will Still Be Creating Music ...
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Tomorrowland Winter Announces Their First Headliners

Tomorrowland Winter announces their first ten headliners playing at the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine Ski resort in France. From March 9th to the 16th, 2019, 30,000 music lovers from around the world will be able to rave hard to amazing artists such as Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Dimitri ...
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My Bassrush Massive Arizona Experience

Relentless Beats has presented the perfect precursor to the festival season with Bassrush Massive. Bassrush, the renowned bass music brand, is helping to fuel the next edition of this popular music series with a thunderous lineup of artists. Beginning in the 1990s, the Bassrush brand ...
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Shaun Frank and YA-LE

Shaun Frank And YA-LE in Tasty Single “Bon Appetit”

We all know that summer is almost over. Why not soak in the sun or indulge in a new track. If you're looking for something along those lines, I have something for you. If you have a sweet tooth, Shaun Frank and YA-LE shows us ...
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Video Of Zedd Opening For Katy Perry Sparking A Possible Collab

Zedd posted a video from his recent concert tour, sparking rumors of a possible collab with pop powerhouse Katy Perry. The DJ has spent the last two weeks opening for Perry on her witness world tour. He joined her on the Australian and New Zealand ...
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Bro Safari and UFO! Clockwork art work

Bro Safari & UFO! Teases You with the Release of Their Album Clockwork

Bro Safari and UFO! gave fans a little taste of their upcoming album, Clockwork. The first track released, “N.U.M.B.,” was included in the part one sample bundle, which is currently streaming on all platforms. The three-track Clockwork (Pt. 1) is experimental bass music at its ...
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The Shell Tour 2.0 Is Coming

Snails is coming back with the Shell Tour 2.0 this 2018! The groundbreaking stage production will kick off the tour October 5th in Denver, Colorado at Red Rocks Amphitheater. The premiering concert at Red Rocks will show all of the hard work Snails has been ...
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seven lions start again ep cover

Seven Lions Wraps up Start Again Ep with Two New Songs

Seven Lions released the highly anticipated Start Again EP on his very own Ophelia Records yesterday. “Start Again” and “Let Go” completed the 4-song EP after “Dreamin'” and “After Dark” debuted a few weeks prior. The euphonious vocals of Fiora are featured on each track ...
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Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer Releases Soul Capturing Album In My Last Life

Andrew Bayer just made one of the most beautifully composed albums of the year. His third studio album titled In My Last Life will bring you on an emotional rollercoaster that will overwhelm you with eternal love and gratitude. Come on this emotional journey with us ...
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Disclosure Releases Third Track In 72 Hours, “Love Can Be So Hard”

Disclosure have dropped three tracks in the past 72 hours, including this new ’80s-inspired cut called “Love Can Be So Hard.” Compared to the poppier tracks found on their sophomore album Caracal, these new singles seem to be looking back toward their roots in the 1950-80s, putting ...
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black and white photo of arethra Franklin form 1968

Gramatik Pays Tribute to Aretha Franklin with “Let Me Know the Way”

Aretha Franklin has been debuted and sampled numerous times by producer and DJ Gramatik over the past 15 years. “In This Whole World” and “I’m Free,” have her legendary discography. Yesterday, Gramatik honored the recently deceased Franklin with a tribute single “Let Me Know The ...
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Close out the Year with Decadence Arizona

Showcasing over 30 artists, Decadence Arizona is Arizona’s Largest New Year’s Eve celebration. This two-day celebration takes place at the Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona on December 30th and 31st, 2018. Presented by Relentless Beats and Global Dance, this year will be the fifth ...
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Down To Earth Festival

Down To Earth Festival Canceled Due To Weather Advisories

I'm going to address the Pink Elephant wearing a raincoat in the room. The weather on the east coast has been nothing but rain. Sadly, the rain won in the battle of Weather VS Down To Earth Festival. Due to the flooding conditions, Down To ...
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Steve Aoki Releases “The Truth Untold Remix” At Tomorrowland

Since last year, Steve Aoki has become a regular collaborator with Korean boy group BTS and has since created a new remixed track called “The Truth Untold.” Aoki worked to produce the Mic Drop remix with them which went certified gold in the U.S. The song ...
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The Yacht Week: The Best Week of My Life [Event Review part 3 of 3]

Welcome back, once again! This is the last part of my amazing adventure. I've told you about Ultra Europe, the Hvar beach party and after party, and the first few days of sailing with The Yacht Week (TYW). Part three picks up at the last ...
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Issue 42 of EDM World Magazine is Live! See Who’s Inside

Inside this issue with Ghastly you will learn: ★ Ghastly: The Mystifying Oracle ★ Leaving It All Behind in the Loving World of EDM ★ Joey Suki Talks Artist Self Care, Mentorship & How to Get Booked ★ Breaking Through Frozen Ground with ilan Bluestone ...
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Ben Rauch The Emoji Song Trending #1

Ben Rauch wrote one of the biggest new hits of the year, "The Emoji Song." Known for being an actor and a singer, his new hit song is sweeping across different media channels with its catchy phrase and the power of the emoji. We had ...
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Goldrush Music Festival Is a Gold Mine

Relentless Beats presents Goldrush 2018. The event date is on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at Rawhide Western Town in Chandler, AZ. By all means, immerse yourself in two days of music within Rawhide's fully-functioning western town! In fact, this town will feature a saloon, jail, ...
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male duo stand in front of a black drop in a black and gray photo for kneel before me release

Slander Unleashes “Kneel Before Me” with Asking Alexandria and Crankdat

Who would have known that our teenage angst would find its way back to us in 2018? SLANDER unleashes a hardcore-meets-bass track “Kneel Before Me” in collaboration with leading UK rock band, Asking Alexandria, and Crankdat. The sounds bring you to the Amazonian jungle surrounded ...
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Afrojack, Grammy Winning Artist, Announces New EP, Press Play

Afrojack announced today that he will release his new EP, Press Play, on August 31st on Wall Recordings/Armada Music. The new EP showcases a versatile range of music. There are the club bangers such as “My City” and “2012.” There are also the high-octane but vocally-driven ...
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Electric Zoo AfterParties

Electric Zoo AfterParties Announced And Here There Are

The countdown is on. We're officially a couple weeks away from Electric Zoo. We are excited about Ezoo. But one question; where are the after parties? Look no more, the official Electric Zoo AfterParties are here and we're so excited to see what's in store ...
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Grammy-Nominated Producers SMLE Debut Their EP

SMLE is a Grammy-nominated producer group that released their soulful and seductive Love Notes EP. The four-track EP features the previously released “Love Residue (feat. Jackie’s Boy)” and “Into Something (feat. Kiddo A.I)” as well as two new exciting singles. The first of the new ...
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NKRIOT Founds XAR Records

Our friendly neighborhood NKRIOT is starting his own label. The rockstar pushing the Goji sound is putting together slamming talented artists for collaboration label XAR Records. We had a chance to meet up with him at the hosted Emily Tan Press party in the beautiful ...
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The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week: The Best Week of My Life [Event Review part 2 of 3]

Welcome back! Last week, I was telling you about the first leg of my trip. I booked a week-long adventure through The Yacht Week (TYW), Ultra Croatia route. Our package included Saturday and Sunday of the Ultra Europe festival. We personally extended our vacation by ...
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Bassrush Massive Is Returning to Arizona

Relentless Beats presents Bassrush Massive Arizona 2018. The event date is Saturday, August 25, 2018, at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, AZ. The minimum age to attend this show is 18+ to enter. Bassrush focuses solely on bass music. Since the ’90s and early 2000s, ...
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nghtmre and wavedash playing on worldwide stage at ultra miami

“GRAVE” by NGHTMRE + WAVEDASH is Going to Kill the Scene

This summer has been full of releases by NGHTMRE including his newest collaboration with Texas-based trio WAVEDASH, “GRAVE,” which is out now via Mad Decent. This monstrous bass-driven track can easily hype the crowd up with the anticipating percussions, synths, and murderous bassline. This track ...
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Road To Lost Lands: Excision Announces New Album APEX

Well, if you didn't think your Friday could get any better, let me drop something spectacular on you. The one and only Excision just gave us the heads up on something that we've been waiting for. It's his new album titled APEX. We can only imagine ...
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