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Cray Talks Twitch, “Peaches,” and Life on the Road [Exclusive Interview]

Cheney Ray has always gone by the name Cray. While growing up, her mom always dubbed her as an original. In school, she listened to a lot of music, and this developed her love for it. She never chose one thing to be good at, ...
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Eli & Fur Release Their Night Blooming Jasmine EP

If you are trying to get a sense of what a late night in LA sounds like, give the Night Blooming Jasmine EP a listen. Eli & Fur were able to encapsulate the vibes of LA into a four song EP that has been released ...
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Seven Lions

Seven Lions Releases Dreamin’ Feat Fiora

When I look at influential DJs in the industry, one of the first artists I think of is no other than Seven Lions. His show takes you on a trip and moves you. With his involvement with Anjunabeats and his new tour The Journey II, ...
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Vujaday in Barbados Releases 2018 Aftermovie And Dates For 2019

Vujaday Music Festival announces their return to Barbados next year from April 3rd-9th with each event taking place throughout the Caribbean island. For a taste of the good times to come, the festival has released their official aftermovie from 2018 with amazing scenes from the debut festival all ...
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What So Not

Issue 41 of EDM World Magazine is Live! See Who’s Inside

Inside this issue with What So Not you will learn: ★ All the Beautiful Things About What So Not ★ In My Mind: How Axwell & Ingrosso Altered My Perspective ★ Get to Know the Real Disco Donnie ★ How to Recognize Illness at a ...
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Goji Encounter of a Third Kind

The extraterrestrial Goji artist known as NKRIOT returned from space once again to terrorize The Downtown Independent theatre in Los Angeles on May 24th with his exclusive, live, 3-Dimensional, Virtual Climax album release presentation. Rioteers, such as myself, all throughout the Southern California area attended ...
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4B x Teez Share 18 New Remixes for Their Premiere Classe Hit “Whistle”

What’s the next best thing after your track has become an instant hit in the festival scene this summer? Being able to reveal eighteen new takes on the track! Two New Jersey producers have formulated a festival hit song that is playing worldwide. Instant viral ...
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Exclusive Photo Feature: Montana Martz

Montana Martz was born in Montreal, Canada and grew up in a forested area in Toronto. Growing up near the suburbs and being able to grow up in nature was eye-opening. As a younger girl, Montana used to ride horses and compete for a few ...
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Dancing Alone

Axwell Ingrosso Releases ID Dancing Alone Feat RØMANS

Axwell Ingrosso has been teasing us with so much unreleased music. Ever since the last Axwell Ingrosso show I've attended, they dropped about 3 ID's that are just mindblowing. Each time Axwell Ingrosso puts on a show, it's unforgettable, but this ID is something more ...
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Kill the Noise & Snails Team Up To “Shake the Ground”

Snails has just released his first track on his new label Slugz Music, teaming up with good friend Kill the Noise on “Shake the Ground.” The Montreal-based artist teamed up with his fellow, heavyweight producers, Kill the Noise and Sullivan King, to make sure his first ...
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Destination Ultra

Destination Ultra Europe, the Ultimate Dream Trip For You This Summer

Ultra Europe in Split, Croatia will soon have its turn to display an out of the body musical experience for you with the opening ceremony approaching in 2019. All Ultranauts (that's you!) from around the world will be arriving for the 3-day festival on July ...
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Slugz Music Record Label

Slugz Music is here! The one and only Snails launched his very own record label, Slugz Music. Snails is truly an artist whose music has no boundaries. After spending years crafting music featuring the most grimy sounds and unrelenting bass imaginable in his small apartment, his vomitstep ...
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Slander Produces Multifaceted Single “So Long”

Photo courtesy of SLANDER What do you get when you mix an LA duo that generates bangers with an American Idol Top 40 finalist?! A multifaceted radio-friendly song that will also work perfectly as a dance floor oriented piece! SLANDER has outdone themselves again this ...
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Above & Beyond Announces New Festival Anjunabeach in Mexico

It is an exciting time for Above and Beyond and Anjunabeats. Above and Beyond had an announcement for us this past Saturday. They called it Anjunabeach. Above & Beyond's New Festival Anjunabeach in Mexico This past Saturday, Above and Beyond played California on the beach and finally ...
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Steve Aoki To Release Another BTS Track Remix

Steve Aoki has announced that he will be doing a remix of the track "The Truth Untold" that he released in collaboration with international boyband BTS. Aoki said on Twitter that he was "so proud of the success" of the original song that he decided ...
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Shrumen Lumen Burning Man

No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man at the Smithsonian

There are no spectators this summer. Take a break from all the raving and bring some art fueled culture into your life. Washington D.C. offers free museums all throughout its city center, and down the street from the White House lies the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery ...
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3LAU’s Way to Give Power Back to the People Through Crypto

Photo courtesy of 3LAU Imagine being able to seamlessly buy your ticket and not get exploited with inflated ticket prices while being rewarded for giving feedback about your experience or for referring a friend to a festival. Envision seeing the impact and attendance that one ...
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Concert Venue Review: Stereo Live Houston

Stereo Live Houston is a spacious discotheque at 6400 Richmond. Not to mention, they have been booking some of the world's top DJs for a few years now. Before arriving inside the Stereo Live venue, there is plenty of parking available. If you don't have ...
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Andrew Bayer

“Immortal Lover,” A Sensual New Single By Andrew Bayer

If you're looking for a song to touch the bottom of your soul, its Andrew Bayer and his new single "Immortal Lover" with Alison May. I didn't know that a song could touch me the way that "Immortal Lover" does. Immortal Lover by Andrew Bayer ...
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Diplo Shares His Spotify Pride Playlist

Diplo has recently shared his pride playlist to celebrate his favorite and closest LGTBQ+ artists. The DJ took to Instagram to further explain the playlist, expressing his gratitude to the artists featured on it. Many of these artists are ones he has collaborated with in the ...
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Interfusing Music and Technology with The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob recently released their newest electronic album titled See Without Eyes this past May. The trio headed to Emos in Austin, Texas to perform their See Without Eyes Tour on June 15, 2018. Imagine being in a crowd after hearing the fluid vocals ...
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Event Preview: Imagine Music Festival

Imagine Music Festival is back for their 5th Anniversary of fantasy bliss. The festival will be September 21st-23rd, and it is returning to Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlantic Motor Speedway. Also, the full lineup has been released! Four main stages will be featured including, Oceania, ...
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Tritonal and APEK

Fall in Love with Just like You with Tritonal and APEK

"Just Like You," was just released today and it is a must listen. Tritonal and APEK created a masterpiece. With the beautiful vocals of Meron Ryan, it gives it the final touch it needs. Feel Enchanted by Tritonal and APEK in Just Like You "Just ...
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Moonrise Festival Shines Bright for 2018 Festival Season

The Moonrise festival is bringing yet another exciting show to Maryland. This year's end of summer festivities will be hot because the Moonrise lineup is fire. Baltimore’s flagship EDM festival returns to the historic Pimlico Racetrack on, August 11-12. When it does, it will be host ...
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A wicked bassline paired with puncturing percussions and synths mixed with a catchy hook makes for a savage track to get the crowd in hysteria. GRAVEDGR's villainous sounds are from Carnage’s Heavyweight Records. GRAVEDGR dropped his murderous banger "RAMPAGE" at EDC Las Vegas with a ...
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Sikdope Is Getting Badder

Sikdope is a young Polish producer who is accomplishing what he wants to do. In the first place, he started out in rock/metal bands before being a DJ. Surely music was always present in Dawid's life thanks to his parents. In fact he attended music ...
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Felmax & PURGE

Felmax & PURGE Rage In New Track “Atomic”

You know when you hear a song that is epic and you want to tell everyone about it? Yeah, that's what Felmax & PURGE are about in their new single "Atomic." Felmax & Purge In Atomic Is Legendary I must say, "Atomic" goes pretty hard ...
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