“Never Forget” the Hot New Single by MADDS [Interview]

MADDS & Friends modeling for "Never Forget"

“Never Forget” the hot new single by MADDS is a seductive party-house anthem. For those who don’t know, MADDS is a producer, DJ, designer, and bikini model. I can’t act surprised by her suggestive song and its scantily-clad music video because when you’re a DJ and a model, sexy naturally seeps into everything you touch. 

“Never Forget”s music video features another day of work for MADDS. In this video, she models her new bikini line MADDS x AKOSHA. Her friends Cindy Prado, Alexa Collins, Brianna Gonva, and Sabrina Calvo make a guest appearance to help model. Then, it’s off to the DJ booth for a quick set and the obligatory champagne shower. You know, work stuff. 

I was lucky enough to get to interview MADDS about her new single, “Never Forget,” and the music video that goes with it. Read on to learn more about the South African-born, LA-based, beat-dropping beauty queen. 

MADDS- Never Forget

Photo courtesy of Aaron Haxton

Exclusive Interview with MADDS


“Never Forget” features a much harder kick drum than most of your other work, with the exception of “I Want It”. Not to mention, it has a high-energy melody as opposed to the piano or synth rift you’re known for. What inspired “Never Forget” and this more upbeat trend in your sound?

“Never Forget” was inspired by a summer I spent with my girlfriends in Mykonos. The sounds and music there were upbeat, fun, and it made me drift towards that direction for this song’s sound.


Did you write the lyrics to “Never Forget”? Are you singing on it and if so, how long have you been singing? If not, who is?

I produced the track. Someone from my team heard the topline and I loved it so much that I knew it would be a perfect fit for this track. I am not singing on the song. Briana Moir is the singer!

How did you get the deal with AKOSHA? Why did you go with soft prints like ‘vintage china’ and ‘rose buds’, with such bold designs like the ‘Amelia bottoms’ or ‘Madalena?’

The suits are handmade in Miami. I lived there a few years ago. Their designs were different from what you typically see, so I was super excited about them. I met the owner, Anna, and we immediately clicked. I knew I wanted to work with the brand and create my own line with them. My grandmother had vintage China in South Africa, which is where I was born, and I always loved those plates! So, I was inspired by the delicate design and wanted to incorporate some of my roots into my line. The French-inspired design I choose was because it was simple and soft, but I wanted to add my own sexy spin to the overall look.

What is your relationship with Cindy Prado, Alexa Collins, and Briana Calvo? How did you all meet? How did you get them to help you model your new line for the video and shoot?

I met the girls a few years ago through modeling trips when I lived in Miami, which is where they’re from. Hanging out and traveling with them was so much fun! We all have upbeat personalities and we all became like sisters over the years! So, it only felt natural to have my girls work on this with me. It was defiantly an overall fun and exciting experience. I’m glad we got to share it together!

During the “Never Forget” project, you got to DJ, act, model, and produce. Which did you enjoy most? Why?

I can’t choose just one part! I love everything that I get to do from DJing to modeling. It was a great time to play one of my own events and see everyone around me happy and being free. My life is a party in every area of my work, so being able to do my job is a blessing every day.

Check out MADDS hot new video for “Never Forget” below!

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