My New Found Love, Gabriel and Dresden

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There comes a time where you’re just browsing through Spotify or a festival lineup and find a name that catches your eye. That name to me was Gabriel and Dresden.

My Discovery: Gabriel and Dresden

From San Fransico, Gabriel and Dresden’s sound is a perfect mixture of Electronica, Trance, and Progressive Trance. The duo has been together for the past 16 years and after their 11-year hiatus, they released their album “Only Road,” which is just perfection.

While I was browsing through the Ultra Lineup, I have a ritual of picking random artists I’ve never seen before. When I saw Gabriel and Dresden’s name, I was automatically drawn to them. Not knowing any information about them, I knew this is who I wanted to see at Ultra next week.

Gabriel and Dresden’s Album “Only Road”

The first song I listened to by Gabriel and Dresden was Cosmic Gate’s remix of “Only Road”. To be honest, both versions are to die for. The first time I listened to the album in its entirety, it was something I have dreamt of. It was Progressive Trance meets indie, meets The Smiths. It was pure genius how they composed the album and all of their hard work into it. Their music conveys a story and it was something that I couldn’t get enough. Singles like Under Water, White Walls, This Love Kills Me, Waiting For Winter, are the embodiment of poetry and experiencing the emotion, the beauty, and the pain. Listening to their album was something unreal. I didn’t want it to end.


I can go forever and ever about them but I will leave it to you to find the love I found for them. To learn more about Gabriel and Dresden and their tour, click here.

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