Must Watch: Lace Up – Body Shake (Paris Hilton Go to France) Official Music Video Is Hilarious! Did Your Favorite DJ Make An Appearance?

Have you ever wanted to see some of your favorite EDM DJs as bobble heads?  Perhaps a song that bashed Paris Hilton? Well your wish has finally been granted in this new music video for a new female duo named Lace Up. Not much info can be found on the ladies* yet but it appears they are trying to go the “Selfie” route by releasing a track that is catchy, hilarious, and will be sure to get the EDM scene talking for better or for worse.

I have to say it did make me laugh many times. Press play and see if your body shakes to the track.

If you like the song Body Shake, be sure to grab it here on iTunes. Bonne Journée.

*Update March 24th, 2015 : The female duo is Adina Butar & Cristina Bizu. Adina has previously worked with one of my favorite producers Markus Schulz singing on tracks like “Caught” and “Muse”. Cristina had previously worked as a fashion designer and model but in the music world was know as the vocalist of DJ TomBoxer under the name Morena. She sung on past tracks like “Balanas” and “Trompeta”.


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