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By: Paulina Stewart

Have you ever gone to a show, heard a song that you absolutely loved, went home to try to find it before realizing that you have nothing to identify it with besides a faint lingering chorus? Well, that’s all over with SoundHound. The free app (for Android users who don’t mind a banner ad or two) allows you to search for songs not only by artist name and song title, but by hummed melodies! From its release in 2009, the app has grown to roughly 260 million users worldwide and continues to grow in popularity.

The app claims to be capable of recognizing even the most poorly hummed melodies. Simply tap the glowing button in the center, hum or sing what you recall from the desired song and watch as you receive a list of potential matches. Certain songs come up more easily than others. For instance, the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” comes up right away, whether you hum, sing or speak the lyrics. More recent songs however, like “Lean On” by Major Lazer or “So Much For Love” by Gramatik proved to be more difficult for the app to recognize or were missing from the library altogether. The Sound2Sound technology is still pretty impressive overall, though, and the accuracy of the app will surely improve over time as it continues to update and fix the minor bugs. Plus, it’s well worth a shot in lieu of completely abandoning a new found favorite tune, especially since SoundHound saves your search inquiries for future reference.


To read the full app review of Soundhound and to get even more exclusive content, then check out the magazine now. This article can be found in Issue 14 of EDM World Magazine! Download the app for free. Apple users click for access on your iPhone or iPad. Android users click for access here.

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