Must Have App: Find Trending Music In Your Area With Soundwave


Soundwave is an interactive music app for smartphone devices. It allows users to search and add friends. It tracks what songs people are listening to as well as their location. Furthermore, one can join or create groups to share music and chat with others. This allows for the user to stay up to date on what songs are trending.

Similar to other social apps, Soundwave has a ‘Feed’ feature that shows what those you are following are listening to. From here, you can click on a friend’s name and view their profile, see what songs they have liked, their most played songs, and recent plays. You can also click on a song and it will automatically play on YouTube straight from the app! You can also comment on, like, or share the song.

The ‘Notifications’ feature allows you to know when someone starts to following you. The ‘Groups’ feature is where you can share songs and chat with friends.

One of the best features of the app is the ‘Music’ Map. You can draw a circle around the area you are interested in and can see what songs are currently being listened to by other users. This feature is great if you’re not sure about what to listen to, want to hear something different, or are just curious about what’s currently trending. The map works across the globe, which can also help the artist identify locations of opportunity and areas where they have a strong following.


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