Must Have App: Discover Nearby Shows With Two New Apps


Discover Nearby Shows With Two New Apps

By: Alexandra Sifre

The days are gone where the only way to find out when all of your favorite artists are coming to town was by seeing ads plastered on building walls or calling Ticketmaster in the hopes of snatching tickets. Nowadays, there are countless music apps. Some that allow you to buy tickets, some to listen to music and others that track artists to see when they’ll be playing near you.

Now, imagine an app that encompasses all of these features plus more and you’ve killed two birds with one stone. The end result is a dream come true with EDM Train and Bandsintown. Not only are these two new apps your one-stop shops to find events going on, but they’re a quick and easy tool allowing you to be in the know. Anytime you’re itching to go to a show or whenever your friends ask if there’s anything fun coming up, you now have an easy way to check. Of course, when it comes to finding tour dates, these two new apps don’t necessarily replace Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media resources, but they do however, make a great addition to your EDM guidebook.


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