Must Have App: 8tracks


Must Have App: 8tracks

By Craig Caliendo

When it comes to the world of music, there are so many different apps and sites to discover new music,and upcoming artists before they get big. A personal favorite of mine is 8tracks. This app allows users to discover and display new and existing music. You are able to listen to predetermined play lists that are created by other users. Users can search though the playlists by typing in artist names, album titles, song titles, and the titles of the specific playlists. But what makes 8tracks inventive is allowing the user to explore music by mood! After clicking the “explore” option, you are given an array of different options such as chill, happy, sad, summer, relax, study, etc. You are also able to type in the descriptor that you are interested in if it is not one of the options included on the screen.

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