Moonrise Festival: How to Prepare for Blastoff into Bass Outer Space

Moonrise 2018

Moonrise Festival

Moonrise Festival is set to land the outta this world festival every year in August at Baltimore’s historic Pimlico Race Course. This is the city’s flagship electronic music festival and it has been successful year after year growing larger each time. When you decide to blast off with Moonrise festival you will surely get what you need. The Promo teams Steez, Glow and Echostage are very capable of pulling some of the top headliners from around the world. All year long you can find hot shows thrown by Steez Promo and Glow often held at Echostage, an EDM venue which has been voted as number one in the past.

The Attire

Revelers that attend Moonrise tend to show out in style of dress. Similar to EDC festivities, (read our How to Dress for EDC guide ) you will find costume wonders, Kandi kids, exhibitionists, the hippies, and the comfort wearers. You essentially should come in whatever makes you happy. If not your outfit, your shoes should be very comfortable. The grounds are all uneven grass, as it takes place in the center of a racehorse track. The event is rain or shine, and last year there was rain, so good shoes came in handy.

Stellar Moves

Before you arrive at the festival, have a little taste of the music you will be hearing. Jamming to one of the Moonrise playlists will give you an idea of some of the acts you cannot miss. Moonrise festival grounds provides so much space for dancing, shuffling and performing lighted flow arts. If you are one of the many who enjoys performing you definitely have a good time at Moonrise. Explore one of the many Moonrise Stage Spotify playlists so you will be ready to show off your moves.

Once Inside

Once you arrive at Moonrise map out your day. The grounds are easily navigated. Generally, the food and vendors will be set along the perimeter. They make for really good meeting locations for you and your buddies. There will be tents set up when traveling between stages. Be sure to take advantage of the shade provided as there are no trees on a racetrack. Also, Moonrise has done a really good job of providing plenty of water stations. Keep your camel pack full of pure quality H2O for hydration. Lastly, enjoy the show loves!!


Ready to race to Pimlico for Moonrise? Excellent, swipe up to comment below and let me know how ready you are! Plus, find information on the summer series, buses, hotels, and tickets to moonrise by clicking here.


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