Monstercat Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Monstercat 10 Year Anniversary LP

Photo Courtesy of Monstercat

Leading independent electronic music label, Monstercat, celebrates its official 10 Year Anniversary today. To kick things off, they are releasing a full-length album. It spans 16 tracks from artists across three of its brands – Uncaged, Instinct, and Silk.

The Monstercat – 10 Year Anniversary LP shines a light on the formative sounds that shaped its history. This LP features songs from fan-favorite acts created in the last decade, but never formally released. The nostalgic package traverses dubstep, electro house, future bass, and more. Artists like Stephen Walking, Pegboard Nerds, Rogue, Shingo Nakamura, and Nitro Fun are included. It has unheard gems dating back to 2011! I can’t wait to check them all out.

The History of Monstercat

Over the last decade, Monstercat has established itself as a driving force in the music industry. The label has paved the way for artist discovery, innovation, and sustainability. Astonishing, they have done this for over 1,000 artists. This includes both emerging and high-profile talent. The label has supported a wide range of sub-genres of electronic music.

With offices in Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Singapore, Monstercat has made groundbreaking strides as an international music authority. They have collected over 4 billion global streams in the last year alone.


Monstercat CEO & Co-Founder, Mike Darlington, reflected on this moment. He said, “It’s almost surreal celebrating 10 years of Monstercat today. Truly, the last decade has been an incredible journey. We started from our humble beginnings as a Canadian start-up to now supporting over 1,000 artists worldwide. I’m proud of our team for constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. I’m proud they’ve created a sustainable platform for artists to thrive. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next ten years of Monstercat and the electronic music community.”

Monstercat Pioneers In The Music Industry

In partnership with the Canadian company, Animism Studios, Monstercat also pioneered the first record label 3D influencer. With this, they have reimagining its beloved mascot into a digital avatar with palpable features and mischievous mannerisms.

The 3D Monstercat enhances the look, feel, and personality of the brand’s previously 2D character. It now has the incredible ability to join live events, appear on streams, interact with Monstercat artists in the digital space, and more.

Monstercat is also known for its unmatched abilities in the gaming space. They’ve integrated artists with major titles like Fortnite, SMITE, Beat Saber, and more.

Up and Coming Monstercat Live Stream

On July 3 at 12 pm PT, Monstercat will host a celebratory worldwide live stream event on Twitch. They are bringing 10 artists together from all over the globe to perform across different time zones and regions. The lineup includes Justin OH in Korea, A.M.R in Qatar, Mazare in Italy, and Throttle in Australia. The 5-hour journey achieves Monstercat’s vision to connect diverse communities through music, culture, and innovation. Tune in on Monstercat’s Twitch channel here.

The Monstercat 10 YR Fan Pack

On July 5, the award-winning video game, Rocket League, will launch the Monstercat 10 YR Fan Pack. It features nine new Player Anthems of the label’s biggest certified hits. The tracklist includes “Crab Rave” by Noisestorm.

Next on this list is “Potions” by SLANDER & Said The Sky (ft. JT Roach). One of the biggest stand-out songs on the list is Marshmello’s multi-platinum track “Alone,”. It marked the DJ’s first-ever appearance in the popular game. Check out the full list of Player Anthems, Monstercat’s Player Banner, and more, here.

Monstercat’s Lost Civilization in Roblox

Continuing the momentum on the gaming side, on July 6, Monstercat’s Lost Civilization will launch in Roblox. This marks a special moment in time as it is the first game designed around a record label in the platform’s history. Players can complete Monstercat quests, buy in-game merch, discover hundreds of songs from the catalog, and more.

Monstercat’s Lost Civilization is an unprecedented endeavor as the label works to establish a vibrant, ever-changing presence on Roblox. This milestone celebration is a homage to past memories and achievements celebrated with the Monstercat community. Most importantly, it’s a nod to the label’s future vision and aesthetic. Likewise, this is fueled by an artist-first mentality and music-driven innovation.

Follow Monstercat’s socials to watch the rest of the 10 Year Anniversary activities unfold with partners like Apple Music, BBC Radio, Spotify, Team Liquid, TikTok, and more throughout the month of July.

Monstercat 10 Year Anniversary

Photo Courtesy of Monstercat

Monstercat – 10 Year Anniversary LP tracklist

Au5 & Juventa – “Dying Star (feat. Charlie Bath)” (2013)
Case & Point – “Descender” (2015)
Ellis & Nu Aspect – “U” (2017)
Grant Bowtie – “Can You Hear It” (2015)
Laszlo – “Feels Like Love” (2019)
Mango – “Ten Years Ago Today” (2011)
Nitro Fun – “Easter Egg” (2014)
Pegboard Nerds – “Shaku” (2012)
Rogue – “Motion” (2014)
Shingo Nakamura – “Uncharted Waters” (2011)
Stephen Walking – “JC-08” (2018)
Stonebank – “Fire” (2015)
Subtact – “What It’s Like (feat. Noctilucent)” (2016)
TwoThirds – “Forever Summer” (2013)
Varien – “The Language of Angels” (2019)
WRLD & Keepsake – “Wishful Thinking” (2018)

Listen to the 10 Year Anniversary LP here! Swipe up to comment below and let me know what you think!

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