Makeup Guru’s Dream: Lime Crime’s Venus XL Palette Review

True Love With Lime Crime’s Venus XL Palette

Roughly a week ago, I spotted the Lime Crime Venus XL Pallete and it made my jaw drop. I naturally gravitate towards warm eye colors but have had trouble finding deep reds and hot pinks wherever I go. The Venus XL Palette by Lime Crime solved my hunt to find the rich tones I was searching for.

I had waited eagerly for my palette to come for about a week and was thrilled when it was delivered. I opened up the wonderfully packaged palette and found that all of the shades were in impeccable condition.

My first move was to swatch the colors. All the tones exceeded my expectations, as they were smooth and buttery when applying them. The tones were so rich and only needed a small amount to fully cover an area. I used a finishing spray, and a day later, they are still perfectly there, not a smudge, crease, or blotch.

When applying to my eyes, the application was so smooth it felt as if there was no makeup on them. You can do a great blended look, cut-crease, or Avante-guard style as the palette is so versatile. Nothing spread or smudged to other areas, and it stayed on impeccably.


The palette comes in a range of reds, pinks, magentas, maroons, purples, and peach tones, making the perfect kit for a deep and dramatic look. There are matte finishes, highlight and glitter finishes, and natural tones for blending.

When I first saw the price tag, I was hesitant. After using it, I can say that it was absolutely worth every penny. For the cheapest price, click here to get the Lime Crime’s Venus XL Palette on Amazon.

Have you tried out the Venus XL Palette yet? What are your thoughts? Swipe up and let me know in the comments below.

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