Lucky Date Talks Crazy Fans & Mishaps

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Lucky Date Talks Crazy Fans & Mishaps

By Andrew Lazar

Where does the name Lucky Date come from?

I started producing when I was about 12 or 13 making Hip-Hop music under the name Retroslap. When I was 18,  I finished my first Electronic Dance Music track. I wanted to put it on YouTube and get it out there but I needed to come up with a new name. I looked at what day of the week it was, which was July 11th  ( 7/11). The number seven signifies luck, so I decided to name myself Lucky Date.


How were you introduced to Electronic Music and what do you credit as your inspiration to become a DJ/Producer?

I have a lot of influences, but I think what really got me into it was the Bay Area rave scene.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a DJ set?

I would say the most frequent thing is the crazy generic drunk girl who gets on stage and (of all buttons) decides to to hit the play/pause button. The craziest thing that happened was on the Excision tour back in 2012. Excision has this giant projector that does his 3D video mapping. It is very expensive and if it is moved even a tiny bit, the whole stage gets screwed up. While I was playing, the projector was hanging from a low ceiling and this guy with no shirt on and a giant native american feather hat gets on his buddies shoulders, grabs onto it, and starts swinging from it. I had to turn off the music and kick out all 3,000 people for 30 minutes to fix it then let everyone back in.

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