Lady Casa Shares The Biggest Gift You Have To Stand Out


PLUR Warrior: Lady Casa
By: Craig Caliendo & Denice Dal Braccio
Photo’s By: Danh Le

Please share with us your story/background. Were you bullied growing up or faced with any challenges? What were your biggest struggles? How did you overcome them?

The first part of my life I was blessed with a luxurious home, married parents, younger sisters to play with, private schooling, and all the toys a young girl could ever ask for. At the age of 9, my life took a drastic turn that caused me to mature quickly. My parents divorced, my mother became a lesbian, and much of my father’s money was gone.

I was discriminated against for having a gay parent, forced to move from private to public school, and no longer lived a luxurious, wealthy lifestyle – these aspects were undoubtedly difficult to deal with at the time, but it molded me into an extremely humble, open-minded, and loving human being. As early as 11 years old, I had already developed a positive mindset by always striving to look at my glass half full. In turn, I have always been loved and supported by friends and family.


Describe your first EDM life-changing moment. Where were you, what happened, who were you with, and why was it so special?

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