Keep It Real, Raw, and Random with RollRandom App


Keep It Real, Raw, and Random
By: Patrick Leone

Keep it Real, Keep it Raw, Keep it Random.

These are the rules of RollRandom. An exceptional idea, RR is a social media platform designed to bring like-minded people of EDM together for genuine experiences both online and in real life. In their “oath,” RR sets a precedent of legitimacy by discouraging song quotes, pictures of food, and blatant statements about drugs or illegal activity (but remember, keep it ‘Raw’). The whole goal of this app is to weed out all the nonsense littering other social media feeds and get right down to interacting with real people who also dig your favorite tunes.

RR allows you to choose your city, what events you’re going to and interact with other randoms with the intention of growing your crew, avoid having to ride solo to a show, or even creating your own event. RR wants you to be able to bring the good vibes from a show or rave anywhere.


Within the app there are other fun things to play with. There’s RR Radio, links to kandi stores and a calendar of shows near by. Throwing a house party that you want to take to the next level? Post it on RR and find local ravers who want to dance on your kitchen table too! You can even check out your favorite DJs tour schedule.

To read the full article on Roll Random and to get even more exclusive content, then check out the magazine now. This article can be found in Issue 10 of EDM World Magazine! Download the app for free. Apple users click for access on your iPhone or iPad. Android users click for access here.

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