Jon Casey Releases “Turquoise”


Jon Casey Releases "Turquoise" Single Cover Artwork

Have you heard Jon Casey’s latest track “Turquoise” yet? If not, let me first tell you about who he is as an artist so you can get to know him better. Jon Casey is an electronic music producer from one of South Africa’s capitals, Pretoria. He’s a self-taught bedroom music producer and he’s surely making noise in the industry.

As he focuses on putting out projects of quality with every piece of work representing what he stands for, he’s enjoying the process and having that theme show throughout his work. His music is very rhythmic, heavy, and energetic and his latest track “Turquoise” featuring Deathly Chill is just a taste of Jon’s versatility and growth.

Jon Casey Turquoise


Different from his previous bangers, this track is simple yet powerful. The song takes me on a journey as Deathly Chill’s vocals soar over a beautiful piano accompaniment as the intro. The verse “What is this feeling taking over me?” puts my head in a space that is floating above the clouds. The chorus leaves me feeling happy, full of life, and overall makes me feel better. After fully listening to “Turquoise” just once, I quickly realize this track is nothing short of being that one song you can listen to in your car over and over again. Check out “Turquoise” below now by Jon Casey.

Want to get to know him even better? We did an exclusive interview with him where we uncovered so much about him. Find out who his biggest mentors were growing up, what the bass scene is like in South Africa, how he makes an impact as an artist for his fan, and so much more. Check out our recent interview with him here.


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