Jauz x iHeartRaves Collab Rave Wear Is a Must

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Jauz x iHeartRaves collab rave wear is a must-have for every raver this summer. Whether you are a long-time raver looking to spice up your style or an EDM newbie searching for your first rave outfit, iHeartRaves.com is the optimal site for you. iHeartRaves is a vital part of its brand family known as The Emazing Group. They are an e-commerce collective dedicated to providing a variety of options for consumer lifestyle trends fueled by passion and innovation.

In addition to iHeartRaves, The Emazing Group and its founder/CEO Brian Lim encompass EmazingLights. EmazingLights is a brand centered around the art of gloving. It also owns a popular apparel company named INTO THE AM. Brian’s organization continues to rapidly grow its e-commerce operations. They have been influencing the world of EDM since its birth in 2010.


iHeartRaves is mostly devoted to rave wear for women. Thankfully, they also have a selection of tops, outerwear, bottoms, and boxers for men as well. Their website features a wide array of collections such as Electronic Visionz, mesh, fishnets, and reflective clothing. They have just released their newest collab project with the renowned DJ and producer Jauz.

The apparel site offers a myriad of eye-catching rave fits for women: titillating bodysuits, vibrant crop tops, flashy high-cut bottoms, and so much more. Many of these products are available in plus sizes to accommodate all festival-goers. Two hot sellers right now are the Pretty Rave Girl Butterfly Sequin Top and the Liquid Trip Mesh Mini Skirt.


Some might question what element of iHeartRaves distinguishes it from other rave-wear vendors. Besides the unique and contemporary designs along with the extensive selection, iHeartRaves sells accessories that are vital for your festival wardrobe. Reflective pasties, flashy glasses, jewelry, and neon bucket hats are perfect inclusions for a night out at the club.

iHeartRaves, Rave Fashion

There is also a beauty and glitter section, masks and bandanas, bags and fanny packs, along with a hosiery (legwear) page. Additionally, there are a plethora of shoes to choose from, such as snazzy Demonia boots, platforms, and an assortment of sneakers that are ideal for shuffling in.


Perhaps the most attention-grabbing part of the site is iHeartRaves’ new collab with Jauz. For anyone new to the EDM scene, Jauz is a prominent American DJ and EDM producer based out of San Francisco. In 2017, he founded his own record label Bite This but has also released tracks on the Spinnin’ Records and Monstercat labels. Much of the merchandise Jauz puts out is shark-themed, hence the allusion of his name to the Spielberg classic.


Although there are only three different apparel in the Jauz collab, each piece is captivating and voluptuous in its own way. Two of the items are promoted as an outfit but also sell individually. The Jauz x iHeartRaves Reflective Underboob Top has outstanding symmetry between its solid black top with bright white straps and a white Jauz logo in the middle. The Jauz x iHeartRaves Booty Shorts are equally symmetrical. They are all black with a white stripe at the top and a white Jauz logo placed in the lower back area. These are the cheaper of the three options, with the top costing $36.95 and the bottoms at $34.95.

The most stunning piece of the collab is undoubtedly the Jauz x iHheartRaves Shark Bodysuit. Wear this out to a rave and you will turn heads away from the DJ. As with the top and bottoms, the bodysuit is a sleek black all the way through. However, on the left side of the suit’s stomach section, there is a spot-on rendition of a shark’s bite. A wide hole in the suit is bordered with silver reflective shark teeth. These will no doubt shine from across the dance floor.

But rather than take my word for it, go check out the bodysuit yourself!  Use the code ‘EDMWorld’ to get a 10% discount on your order. Click here to chomp away at all the great deals and products featured at iHeartRaves.


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