Jake Schneider From Madison House On What Makes A Great Artist

Jake Schneider Issue 6 Preview

Jake Schneider From Madison House On What Makes A Great Artist
By: Craig Caliendo

What are some common frustrations you have with artists?

Some artists have egos that are hard to work with, but the biggest frustration is when an artist wants to tour just to tour. We want a tour to be associated with something, whether it be a release of an album or something of that nature. We don’t want to have people touring if there is not a promotion backing it.

How do you go about your talent selection process?


We get new talent a number of different ways. Sometimes, artists or promoters reach out to us or sometimes our staff will come across a youtube channel or soundcloud page that they like and we will reach out to them. The biggest thing for artists looking to get noticed nowadays is their online social presence.

What would you say makes a great artist?

It’s a combination of talent, drive, and the right team supporting them. You need to have a solid promoter that knows how to use social media and can really sell the people they represent. Without that, you can be really talented but will likely never be discovered.

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