Interview With Tiggi Hawke About Her Newest Single [Exclusive Interview]

Electronic pop star Tiggi Hawke releases her brand new single, Cry Baby. An unapologetically mean single, duetted with artist Moss Kena that gets out all the comments and frustrations of a relationship. 

I interviewed Tiggi about her new single and her upcoming debut album ‘Ascension.’

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Firstly, Can You Introduce Yourself And Tell Our Readers A Little Bit About Yourself?

Hi! I’m Tiggi Hawke, a singer/songwriter from London, and my music is somewhere between electronic, pop, and alternative.


How Did You Get Into Music, And What Has Your Journey Been So Far?

I started as more of a writer, but I have always wanted to start my own project, and the journey from where that started (more in the dance world) to where it is now has been crazy. It would be a lie to say it has all been plain sailing, but I think that’s part of the process, and navigating it has also given me a lot of lyrical inspiration! I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people who have helped me dig into my project and where I wanted to go with it and gave me invaluable advice along the way.



What Are Some Of Your Early Musical Influences?

My early influences were from my parents’ music and included legends like The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, and Marc Cohn, who I still love and listen to now! So on one side, I was a huge Britney fan, and then on the other, I was vibing to Johnny Cash so I would describe my own choices of music as very varied! 


What Are Some Highlights Of Your Musical Journey So Far?

It’s so hard to narrow down highlights because, looking back, I’ve been so excited about pretty much every event that I have been part of! I loved playing live again after the pandemic, making my most recent visuals and being played on BBC R1 are definitely very much up there!


Your New Single, ‘Cry Baby,’ Has Just Been Released! Congrats! What’s The Story/inspiration Behind The Song? How Did The Idea Come About?

Thank you so much! Cry Baby was written on a camp (actually the day after Pity Party), and I guess we were feeling a bit vengeful that day and a bit mean! We clearly had some anger we needed to vent about and get out of our systems, and I think whatever that was will be specific to each person in the room, though!


You Mention That The Song Is ‘A Bit More Cynical, And Actually, Kinda Mean’ – What Inspired The Lyrics? What Was Your Thought Process Behind Writing This Song?

There’s something so cathartic about writing down all the snarky things you’ve wanted to say to someone. In a way, this whole song has been a therapeutic process for me! For me, this is about being honest, even though that comes across as a bit spiteful. It’s so easy for people to tell you to take the high road, but actually, sometimes you just wanna be ‘childish’ and say what you want (though I don’t advocate being mean at all!). 


Did Your Personal Life Inspire Them? If So, Can You Share Some Of The Elements Or Personal Memories That Inspired Your Lyrics?

I think this song is the equivalent of a scream into the pillow situation, getting out all the biting comments and frustrations of a relationship with someone that you very clearly care about, but things have happened between you. It’s almost like the dam has burst, and neither of you can hold back what you wanted to say, and it ends up being a “who can hurt the other the most” situation. I’ve definitely had moments in my relationships that mirror that. Still, we wanted the track to be more tongue-in-cheek, less about hurting the other person and more about disguising your emotions through cynical and sarcastic comments.


What Is Your Writing Process Like, As A Composer? What Elements Do You Begin With, And How Does Your Creative Process Generally Go?

I’m quite relaxed as a writer, but I find what really helps me get into the right mindset and headspace to start writing.

I prefer to hear a beat before starting but generally can start wherever. I like to have a concept in mind so I can see where I’m trying to go, whether that’s the lyrics for the main line of the chorus or even just a general story or sense of direction. 


The Track Features Moss Kena – What Was The Collaboration Process Like? How Has That Collaboration Added To Your Style?

Moss is an absolute gem. His voice is incredible, and his writing is incredible. And he’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, so working with him has been an absolute dream! I would say our collaboration is potentially more pop than some of the other singles, but Moss sounded so amazing on the 2nd verse when the demo was recorded it wasn’t even an option to not have him on the track, and luckily, he said yes!


What’s Your Favourite Part Of The New Single?

The chorus has to be my favorite part, and the lyrics get me every single time! And ironically, it actually DID rain on my parent’s wedding day, so I’m not sure how they feel about that lyric. I’ll have to ask them. I also heavily relate to the phrase “Cry Baby” because I really am such a cry baby, but I love that, I love my emotions and my excessive crying!


When Do Lyrics Enter The Picture? Do Lyrics Need To Grow With The Music, Or Do They Emerge From Their Own Place?

Lyrics are really important to me and, in my process, enter the picture really quickly. Sometimes I’ll start with a concept or a phrase and build around that, to begin with, even before any melodies have been thrown around. I take inspiration from my life, but I also like to keep it ambiguous because I don’t want to take anything away from what someone else might connect to when listening to music. If I almost dictate what the song’s about, it becomes only about my experiences instead of making space for others.


You Have Your Much Anticipated Debut Album, Ascension, Coming Out In June. How Does That Feel?

It feels surreal! It’s been in the works for a while, and there have been a few setbacks along the way, so actually, to have it coming out doesn’t feel real, and to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll believe it’s happening until it’s really out in the world. And maybe not even then!

Can You Give Us Any Details About The Album? What Has Been The Inspiration And Creative Process Behind The Album?

Ascension has 10 tracks and will have another single attached to it; creatively, it’s been one hell of a journey and learning curve! It has a general theme running through it sonically, and I have had the best time making the visuals for the album. Some are still in the works, so they’ll be fresh out of the creative oven for you!


While We Wait For Your Album Release, Are There Any Other Upcoming Projects Your Fans Can Expect To See From You? Any Projects Outside Of Recording?

I have another release happening on the 26th of May, which I am super excited about, it’s very different from what the rest of the album sounds like, but I love it. Outside of music releases, I’m gearing up for summer live shows, which will take over my life for a bit, and I can’t wait.


Finally, Your Album Aside, What Do You Hope This Year Has In Store For You?

This year, I hope to play live more than ever and connect with more wonderful people, either at shows or just through music and social media! I’m also starting to write for album number 2 (already, I know!), so I’m incredibly excited to work with more amazing people in that world as well!





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