“Immortal Lover,” A Sensual New Single By Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer

If you’re looking for a song to touch the bottom of your soul, its Andrew Bayer and his new single “Immortal Lover” with Alison May. I didn’t know that a song could touch me the way that “Immortal Lover” does.

Immortal Lover by Andrew Bayer Is Beyond Words

Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer’s new single “Immortal Lover” will make the hairs on your neck stand up. With alluring vocals of Alison May, this song is the first single off the highly anticipated album “In My Last Life.”

In total, the album took about five years to complete. It is truly sculpted from the inspiration and sound over the years of his journey, Andrew Bayer blew us away yet again with his new single “Immortal Lover.” It’s a perfect tease for his album coming out August 24.

If MUST check out Andrew Bayer. From his contribution with Above and Beyond, he NEVER disappoints. The beautiful symmetry of both lovers is electrifying. The execution of the video gives into the intense temptation that Andrew Bayer perfectly portrayed in both the track and video. It’s one of those songs that you CANNOT stop listening to. The music video adds a lot of emotion to the video. It’s a deep track that it’s obsessive and I want more. It adds to the intensity of the track and the overall tone has me obsessed. Check it out below!


The first time I listened to “Immortal Lover,” it was radiating in my head like a cloud. It was a beautiful realization to me. Why? Out of all the years of listening to EDM, this song brought a sense of beauty and pain.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Bayers new song “Immortal Lover?” And How excited are you for his new album “In My Last Life?” Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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