iHeartRaves Partnerships During COVID-19


iHeartRaves partnerships during COVID-19 include Relentless Beats, Ultra Music Festival, Farm Share, and The Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center. Presently, the world continues to navigate its way through a COVID-19 climate. Companies like iHeartRaves are helping those in need to donate facial masks.

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It is clear things have started to get out of hand in the United States. Businesses have closed, festivals have canceled, and public safety protocols have been put in place.

Relentless Beats iHeartRaves Donates 10,000 Surgical Masks to Gila River Health Care

iHeartRaves Partnership with Relentless Beats

Relentless Beats and iHeartRaves have come together for some goodwill on behalf of the entertainment community. iHeartRaves approached Relentless Beats and chose Gila River Heath Care as the recipient of 10,000 FDA approved, triple-layer disposable surgical masks for their essential and frontline workers in Arizona.


The Gila River Indian Community is the largest Native American community in the Phoenix area. Gila River Health Care established a healthcare system decades ago to care for the healthcare needs of its people. Today, GRHC is a vast, self-governed tribal healthcare system that continues on.

The Gila River is on a path to expand its world-class facilities, maintain service excellence, and provide advanced healthcare for Native Americans. Gila River Health Care focuses on its vision and mission statements.

These principles emphasize the determination to operationalize a healthcare system that is responsive, respectful, compassionate, and empowering for patients. By the same token, GRHC provides healthcare services to all Native Americans from federally recognized tribal communities.

iHeartRaves Partnership with Ultra Music Festival

Additionally, Ultra Music Festival was one of the major international events to be canceled due to COVID-19. Ultra teamed up with iHeartRaves to donate 12,000 facial masks to communities around Miami. Brian Lim, CEO of iHeartRaves, explained the motivation behind the charitable partnership.

“Our Buy A Mask, Give A Mask program enables our customers to help those on the front lines while purchasing a face mask at a fair price. We chose to partner with Ultra on this initiative for the same reasons we partner with them during the festival season. We wanted to enhance the positive impact we could have on the EDM community by joining forces with other leaders in the space.”

Ultra and iHeartRaves also teamed up with two charities. Farm Share and The Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center received donations at a drive-through food give away in June. The donation efforts expanded in July, with masks being donated as a part of a care package to 4,000 residents of Miami neighborhood.

The donations and partnerships is a bright light on an otherwise uncertain horizon for the music industry. By the same token, the industry faces the challenge of trying to find a new balance. These safe and socially responsible contributions to the fight will protect residents from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What actions have you taken to make a difference in your community during COVID-19? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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