Huge Collab Finally out from Illenium, Kill The Noise & Mako

Illenium, Kill The Noise, and Mako do everything but disappoint with their just-released collaboration, “Don’t Give Up On Me.” Waiting for this track to finally come out was like waiting for any of the three artists behind it to come onstage and perform. The anticipation was real.

The track starts out with vocals from Mako, his signature reverberation technique setting the mood to “dark and morbid.” You can already tell a nasty drop is coming. After a perfectly structured build, Illenium’s melodic influence weaves itself into the destruction Kill The Noise presumably delivers to the drop. The bass gods have spoken.

The lyric video accompanying the track’s release nails the mood and power behind the production down to the color scheme. The visuals are the kind one hopes to see live during a bass-heavy set. Overall, the video will make you feel as though you have no choice but to catch one of these guys on tour, and soon.

Thank you, Proximity, for making this piece of art possible. Here’s to falling in love with new music, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


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