How to Be Prepared for Electric Daisy Carnival: Tips and Tricks

With EDC coming up this May, the additional camping and diverse lineup are attracting many newcomers. Since EDC is located in Las Vegas and is a three-day festival that runs all night in the heat, it takes a lot of planning for before, during and after the event to assure safety, health and pure enjoyment. Here are some tips to consider if attending EDC:

Before the Event…

When buying the EDC ticket you can either pay for it all at once or do the monthly payment plan. Both work just fine and will receive your wristband with collectible items. College kids can definitely benefit from the payment plan because it doesn’t put a burden on your bank account.


Planning for EDC wise, try to pay everything you can off at least a month before the event. If you are traveling from the midwest or even the east coast planning flights months beforehand will help with the prices. For example, for EDC 2017 which was in June, I bought my flights around early April and unfortunately they were $550 round trip. I noticed that if I had bought those flights even a month or two earlier, the total would have been much cheaper.

When planning flights or arrival into Vegas try to arrive at least a day or two before the event and plan on leaving a day or two after. This will provide you with enough time to settle in before the raving begins and have enough time to rest after EDC ends.

Hotels or Air BnB?

If going to EDC solo and you do not want to have a hotel room to yourself, finding people who have extra spots does come in handy or even sharing an Airbnb with other headliners. If you have never visited Vegas before I highly suggest staying on the strip in a hotel. Hotels in Vegas vary in prices based on location on the strip. With this, if you stay on the strip there are shuttle bus tickets you can purchase and take you to and from the event. The shuttle buses are run by a third-party vendor rather than Insomniac itself.


For the first time ever EDC has added a camping option right outside of the Motor Speedway which should help reduce the usual bumper to bumper traffic. The camping will have many amenities from rave aerobics all the way to an EDC barbershop. Since this will be the first year of camping, I also suggest trying that especially if you have not attended a camping festival before.

Health Tips

Try to take multivitamins daily and drink Emergen-C packets in your water at least a week before EDC Begins. This will help boost your immune system since you will be up during all hours of the night and if over 21, partying and having a blast during the day.

I’ve heard really good things about Raveolution Recovery Formula from friends who took it after the show and didn’t get sick while the ones who didn’t take it did. Sounds legit. So what is it? It’s an all natural powdered beverage mix which you can quickly and easily add to a bottle of water. It has high-quality ingredients such as 5-HTP, magnesium, vitamin C, B vitamins, electrolytes, green tea extract, and more. Get it before the festival so you have it on hand to take every night after the show. Click here to get it and enter the code EDMWorld for 10% OFF.

Body Preparation

I also suggest doing some cardio at least two weeks before the event to prepare yourself both mentally and physically because you will be on your feet for most of your stay in Vegas.

Also, some things to avoid before EDC are tattoos and piercings. Simply just because the Vegas sun is scorching and will irritate your tattoo but moving and dancing around the festival constantly could also irritate that fresh ink.

During the Event…

Make sure you are hydrated throughout the festival. Don’t make the mistake of only drinking water. Have other drinks like Gatorade and coconut water that provide electrolytes for your body. This will help with your energy and your stamina. Many suggest bringing a water backpack so you have water on you at all times. This will prevent you from having to walk back and forth to hydration stations.

When packing your backpack or fanny pack for the festival, take into consideration what you may need. Since the weather is so dry and hot you may need products like chapstick, powder for chafing, and a mini fan. Since EDC is such a remarkable and crazy festival, your phone will die from taking unlimited pictures and videos so consider bringing along an on the go charger.

By day three of EDC, most of the time the bathrooms are disgusting and don’t have much toilet paper left. Make sure you bring some along with you. Also be sure you bring some sealed wet wipes with you. If you bring an already opened package you may risk having security take them away from you. I suggest buying the small travel size wet wipes.

Bonus Tip

Another tip about EDC is to know your body. Think of EDC (or any music festival) as a marathon and NOT a sprint. Going way too hard on the first day of the festival or even going too hard during the day before EDC can cost you. I don’t recommend attending the day pool parties if you are also attending the festival. During the day is time for you to be sleeping and re-energizing since EDC runs from dusk to dawn.

EDC has eight stages that really resemble each genre of EDM and many art cars that drive around under the electric sky. Whether your favorite genre of EDM is trance, house, or even dubstep, discovering and checking all the stages out is definitely the way to go. For example, the basspod has mostly dubstep and drum and bass music and the energy is outstanding but if you want to hang lowkey for some time and listen to some chill music, Neon Garden is the way to go. To check out the EDC lineup by stage, click here.

Most importantly, have fun and always take what EDC offers: unity. Do you want in on experiencing this life-changing music festival? Click here to get your tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival before they sell out.

If you are attending EDC, what are your plans? How are you arriving? Which artists are you excited to see the most? Swipe up and let me know in the comments below!