Harrison Releases New Music on Own Record Label

Harrison, known for lending his unique vocals to massive tracks produced by the likes of David Guetta and Steve Aoki, is changing his game. 2018 delivered a brand-new project from the hands of this talented creative: Outlaw Records. In Harrison’s words,

“Outlaw Records is my way of stepping out of my sound and exploring a new path with my music. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing studio time and collaborating with some incredible artists on many of my previous releases and that’s been truly amazing. For me now, I want to put focus on my own songwriting and musical visions with my own label. I love collaborating and it will forever play a role in my music but being in the studio this past year I’ve felt I needed to express my abilities in a way that’s completely fresh. The music I’m making today feels more like the Harrison sound I’ve always wanted to create.”

His first release on Outlaw Records is a future bass banger titled “Blinding My Vision.” Take a listen below.

Hailing from the UK but known around the world, Harrison is taking control of his music in a way that shows he’s not afraid to stretch the boundaries of his creative potential. From launching his own record label to exploring new genres, Harrison is set to make headlines, and not just on lineups.


Stream Harrison’s new single here and experience his new sound. For more on Harrison’s new persona, click here to read the exclusive feature in Issue 36 of EDM World Magazine.

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