Hardwell and Dr. Phunk Release “Here Once Again”

Hardwell and Dr. Phunk Release “Here Once Again”

By Lexi Williams


Hardwell introduced “Here Once Again” at Ultra Miami this year. It was such an amazing collaboration between both producers that so many people awaited the release. Until now, the wait is over. Finally, it’s here and we are ready to go hard for hardstyle. “Here Once Again” Feat Dr. Phunk is here and this is what we think!

Hardwells Love For Hardstyle

The single is a perfect integration of Hardwells love for hardstyle and introducing one of his favorite Hardstyle producers, Dr. Phunk. With many remixes under his belt, he is well known for remixing Hardwell singles such as Apollo, Run Wild and Young Again. If you want to know more behind the relationship between them, get ready! Here is the story behind the collaboration from the man himself, Hardwell!

The song is personally one of my favorites that were unveiled at Ultra and I honestly can’t stop listening to it! 

What did you think about the collab with Hardwell and Dr.Phunk? Let me know in the comments below!


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