Groove Cruise LA: Sailing The Open Waters Of The Pacific

Words By: Andrew Lazar
Photos By: Groove Cruise

Groove Cruise holds a special place in festival goers hearts. From the people you run into to the food that is available for consumption, Groove Cruise LA is most definitely one of the most memorable events you can attend as an electronic music fan.


The history of Groove Cruise goes back more than a decade, but the LA sailing is fresh. Starting a couple years ago as an extension to the Miami voyage, Groove Cruise LA has given west coast fans an opportunity to partake in the fun without being forced to go coast to coast to attend Groove Cruise Miami. The ship left out of the Port of Long Beach, and traveled down the coast to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico, after which it returned home on Monday morning.


Throughout the experience, fans were treated with the utmost respect. The promotion company responsible for Groove Cruise is Whet Travel. There was a desire created by the fans and staff onboard the cruise to create lasting relationships with the people. Even when relationships didn’t exist before, fans returned home with a deeper appreciation for life on this magical getaway.


The music was just an added bonus. Performers such as Darude, EDX, VINAI, DVBBS, Vicetone, Paul Oakenfold, and much more put on epic performances both on and off the ship. But more than that, they were also just there to have fun with everyone else.


The walls between artists and fans was torn down on the ship as there there was no VIP, backstage, or green room. It was obvious it made people feel more connected. Possibilities on Groove Cruise were endless, and it was quite the eye-opening experience. I can’t wait to go back next year to experience the magic once again. Will you be joining me?

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