GoTenna: Never Lose Touch With Your Rave Family Again



GoTenna: Never Lose Touch With Your Rave Family Again
By: Gil Hayon

No Service? No Problem! With GoTenna, you’ll never be out of touch at a festival with your rave family ever again!

Festival season is upon us and if you’re a veteran festival-goer, then you’ve experienced the problem of cell with no service, or losing friends in the crowded stages and mass-populated festival grounds. With thousands of people, phone service is pretty much unavailable and let’s face it, the pre-planned meet up spots and times you’ve scheduled with your rave family is definitely not the most reliable way to rejoin the group. Who wants to wait near the porta-potties while all their friends are raging face to the incredible headliners banging away at the main stage? Consider those situations a thing of the past, because GoTenna is keeping people connected no matter how many bars you have on your smartphone.

The GoTenna is a lightweight, compact, and weather-proof wand that enables you to send messages and geo-location information over low-frequency radio waves, connecting you and all of your friends to offline maps via Bluetooth, so you can always find your friends, regardless of cell service or Wi-Fi connection! Not only does GoTenna have a range up to 50 miles, but it also enables you to group chat, encrypt messages, and there isn’t even a fee or a subscription!


To read the full article on GoTenna and to get even more exclusive content, then check out the magazine now. This article can be found in Issue 11 of EDM World Magazine! Download the app for free. Apple users click for access on your iPhone or iPad. Android users click for access here.

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