Good Vibes with Mod Sun & How Plur Isn’t Just for EDM

Mod Sun

Photo Courtesy of Evan Dell

As I was on Instagram, I noticed a man with a “Happy To Be Here” tattoo on his stomach. Who would have known that in 2 seconds, I would be a fan of Mod Sun. From his vibrant personality to his uplifting attitude, you should check out Mod Sun if you don’t know him already!

More About Mod Sun, His Lifestyle TrueVibes TV

One of my good friends, Santina Murin put me onto Mod Sun a couple of months back but what really drew me to him was his positivity this morning. She interviewed him through her platform TrueVibes TV and through that, you can see the vibrant fun person he is. Most rappers today aren’t about the positive message but he is. His name signifies “Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None”

He’s a rapper that transcends his positive message through music. When researching him and looking at his music, it would be amazing to see an EDM collab with him. His lifestyle reflects the plur mantra. From his vibrant videos to his hippie lifestyle, you can see little sounds that can remind you of EDM. From his message, vibes and attitude. Hopefully, there needs to be an EDM collab soon! To take a look at her interview, you can see it below.

He’s worked with people such as blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly, gnash and other impactful artists. With his new album coming out and his new book “So Long Los Angeles” what’s there not to love about Mod Sun? One of my favorite songs by Mod Sun is “Howlin’ At The Moon” and “I Could Die.” If you’re looking for an artist that’s all about Plur and all about being positive and being in the moment, he is an artist that you need to check him out. To learn more about Mod Sun, click here.


What rapper would you love to see integrated into the EDM world? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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