Getting To Know Chris Vrakas & React Presents

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Getting To Know Chris Vrakas & React Presents
By: Craig Caliendo

What makes React Presents special? What makes it better/different than other promotional companies out there?

React has one of the most dedicated and driven teams in the business, and is backed by a group of individuals with decades of combined experience from various markets around the country. Experience doesn’t lie, and React’s productions speak to that. It’s a solid team of hard-working music aficionados who all bring something unique to the table. We’ve developed a strong support system of agents, managers, artists, and venues that truly believe in what we’re doing. It all translates into what’s being built here as a company.

What are some of the problems you face when putting together a show?


There’s always a curveball or hiccup in the midst of every event. Frequent problems range from technical malfunctions and equipment issues to travel setbacks. I’ve had numerous shows where the headliner had flight delays or cancelled and re-routed trips. This always causes major issues with our day-of-show scheduling and transportation itineraries. I’ve had to send employees to Chicago O’Hare on more than one occasion to pick up an artist who missed a connecting flight to Milwaukee. I had BT at Oak Lounge this past December and he called me around 8:50pm the night of the show to let me know that he would not be able to perform because the airline lost his DJ bag. I quickly called up Guitar Center and convinced them to stay open for another hour so I could drive out to Brookfield and purchase whatever equipment he needed. I ended up getting the necessary midi controllers, cables, and backup laptop with enough time for him to program his set in his hotel room and make it to Oak for his scheduled slot. These are just a few of the many ‘behind-the-scenes’ obstacles I’ve dealt with, and they’re usually completely outside of your control.

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