Get In Bed With Ariana & The Rose

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Get In Bed With Ariana & The Rose
By: Andrew Lazar

Can you introduce yourself and tell our readers a little bit about your music?

I’m Ariana & The Rose, a singer and songwriter from New York City and the lead singer of the band Ariana & The Rose. We make Synthpop music. Alternative Synthpop music is how I would describe it.

What are some major contributions to your career so far?


We just came out with Head Vs. Heart and just did a 20-day tour recently in the US. After WMC, we will be leaving for a UK Tour. I’ve had lots of success with remixers in the EDM community, remixing songs for amazing people like Oliver Nelson from the UK and Kevin Druid.

What is some of the inspiration behind your music? Do you draw from people or things that have happened in your life?

I wish I could say everything in my music has been totally autobiographical, but I actually steal a lot of it from my friends lives. I take their stories and include my opinion in it or I take a bit of my life then I rewrite it to be a better story. I always want to write what is more compelling, not necessarily what actually happened. Everything is based on something, but it’s more about the bigger story for most people in the audience to relate to.

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