The Festival of the Future, Now.

furtherfuturephoto5Much more than groovy music will be reverberating from the Moapa River Reservation on the weekend of April 29th through May 1st. Further Future, celebrating its second year of operation, pushes every boundary imaginable in the world of music festivals. Founded with the intention of transcending the present moment, FF is the perfect place to shed doubt and fears; where one may materialize an optimistic and harmonious vision of the future. Wellness, pursuit of knowledge, spirituality, art, and human connection are all revered as sacred and necessary aspects of the event.


Not all of the artists scheduled to perform at FF are widely known, and a fair number are immensely obscure. A few notable performers set to dazzle the audience of FF include: The Pharcyde, Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet, DJ Tennis, &ME, and Jane Fitz. Further Future offers the chance to see your favorite fringe artist, as well as copious opportunities to discover a new favorite performer. The artists of Further Future will surely deliver a spectacular and soulful series of musical transmissions. The sound production will be covered by Envelop, who will be debuting their Envelop Satellite system at the festival. The senses will surely be tantalized to incredible heights throughout the duration of the weekend.


The list of amenities offered by the festival alone is remarkable. A few highlights of these attractions being: “pop up dinner series” –featuring renowned chefs; a slew of favorite food trucks; the “Vision Speaker Series”—featuring talks by accomplished PhD holders and CEOs; yoga; guided meditations; Reiki healing, hiking excursions; and last but certainly not least the “Ablyss Spa,” where makeup artists, photographers, masseuses, and IV therapists can rejuvenate and pamper you whilst on your festival journey. Further Future offers this outrageous range of services to create the most intimate, rejuvenating, and indulgent musical odyssey.


Further Future creates a safe and stimulating space to journey within yourself, so that you may access the strength and inspiration to shape the world of tomorrow. Human connection and collaboration are highly esteemed in the eyes of further futurists. Kindness, passion, and imagination are core values celebrated by the founders and participants alike. Further Future has pledged to be an entirely sustainable event by its fifth year of operation. This shiny new event serves as a beacon of light glimmering into the uncertainty of tomorrow, granting a sense of hope and eagerness to propel humanity into the ever unfolding tomorrow.



Look for further coverage of this futuristic and transcendental gathering on our website post festival.

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