Where to Find Your Next New Adorable Harness

When looking for harnesses, I always have a hard time finding a really cute design. A lot of times they tend to look too generic, or they only come in black or silver. However, today, I stumbled upon a new brand when a friend reposted a giveaway on their Instagram.

Devilish is a Japanese accessory brand that combines cutesy and edgy looks and handmakes designs you cannot find anywhere else. I could never even dream up the crazy cool out of this world designs they have! They have a blue and pink jelly harness with pink hearts down the center. There are even skirt harnesses shaped like cages!

Devilish currently has been targeting American and European audiences through Instagram, and they are currently doing a giveaway of one of five of their unique products. To see the post and enter the giveaway, go check out their Instagram.

You can find many more of their unique products at Devil666ish.com.


What do you think of their products? Let us know in the comments!


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