Find out Don Diablo’s Vision for the Future


Don Diablo: A Vision For The Future
By: Andrew Lazar

Where did you grow up? Give us a little history of Don Diablo.

I grew up very close to the German border in a small town in Holland. The only escape I had was doing something by myself so I bought a computer and started making music videos and short films. I bought another computer and started making music. Flash forward and here we are.

Do you think growing up where you did had an effect on the career you chose?


Absolutely, because there were no distractions. We didn’t have a cinema or a club. There was nothing else to do. I didn’t have many friends so I had to find a way to entertain myself. Creating music was the ultimate escape for me. I think if I would have lived in a big city like I do now I would have been much more distracted and less focused. This literally just started out as a hobby and grew organically because of where I grew up.

Growing up there did you draw any inspiration from your surroundings?

The music I was making at first, absolutely. It was very common to make extremely hard dance music like hardcore and gabber. I enjoyed it for a while, but it wasn’t really for me. Then I started making hip-hop, chemical beats and techno. I was just fooling around on the computer because there weren’t really people trolling the Internet like SoundCloud and YouTube. I was just trying to master the technique of working in a studio because I really wanted to know how to make a great melody and a nice distortion.

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