Feel The Rising Love With Norman Doray


Breakthrough Artist

Feel The Rising Love With Norman Doray
By: Andrew Lazar

Can you share a little about your background with our readers?

I’m 31-years-old and was born and raised on the west coast of France. I spent my childhood surfing and skateboarding until I was 15 when I discovered “House Music” through the french touch with Daft Punk, Cassius, Modjo and more. I’ve always been into disco and funk, but this new sound was a key to me. Since that day I never stopped producing and DJing.


Did growing up in France have any effect on your career choice?

Totally. As I said before, being from France really shaped my sound and my vision of music. I never really wanted to be in a trend or something, so I’m always trying to push my boundaries and always trying to be different in some way. When EDM was really big, even like a year ago, I always tried to be on the side, doing my own thing, such as my release on Avicii’s label “Filtré.” That was kind of risky at that time.

How did growing up there affect your production style?

It really shaped my sound, based on melodies and on grooves. Melodies are so important in my music, it’s the main thing for me. Then I try to build some grooves around it, mainly influenced by my disco/funk background. I love sampling beats and rhythms from the past.

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